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Editor Shaun Barnett, with a small team of hard working helpers, promotes Federated Mountain Clubs ideals through the FMC Bulletin. Our flagship publication is published four times a year, provides vital links between members and outside agencies, and forms a rich archive of otherwise unpublished material.

The editorial direction of the FMC Bulletin is to provide news, articles and a forum for debate for users of the New Zealand’s public lands, especially members of FMC-affiliated clubs.

The content of the FMC Bulletin is decided by the editor. An executive committee will consider concerns relating to published items. Write to FMC, PO Box 1604 Wellington.

Have your say and submit an article!

Contributions should be submitted in electronic form to or mailed on disk to: The Editor, FMC Bulletin, PO Box 14 224, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022. Where does that leave people with typewriters, ballpoints, fountain pens or stone tablets? Grovelling to friends and next of kin with computer skills, that’s where! Sorry folks, we won’t do your keyboarding for you. Colour transparencies and photographs should carry the name and address of the submitter, otherwise return can’t be guaranteed. More…

Contact the Editor

You can contact the editor directly at Bulletin Editor.


Members of affiliated clubs receive the Bulletin through their clubs.

FMC also has an Individual Suppporter option for people that want to suppport our work and recieve the FMC Bulletin.

Bulletin-only subscriptions (Available only to Libraries) are $25 – contact the Administration Officer

Advertising Enquiries

Email the Advertising Manager, Advertising Manager.

The Advertising Rate Schedule can be downloaded here: FMC Bulletin Advertising Rates

Key Dates 2017

Issue Editorial Deadline Advertising Deadline Issue to Clubs
MARCH 1 Feb 15 Feb Mid-March
JUNE 11 April 25 April Early-June
AUGUST 20 June 4 July Late-Aug
NOVEMBER 23 Sept 7 Oct Mid-November

Intending contributors should send drafts or discuss their proposals with the editor ( well ahead of the editorial deadline. Letters to the editor and brief Noticeboard items may be sent without prior notice at any time before the deadline.


Individual Supporters have their FMC Bulletin mailed directly to them. The FMC Bulletins for the members of affiliated clubs, schools or tertiary institutions are distributed through the organisations.

Any queries about distribution should be directed to the Administrator.

River Crossing Research

FMC Supporter and NZAC member Brian Wilkins has produced a challenging report regarding techniques used in River Crossing. Mr Wilkins argue that there is a need to re-incorporate the use of ropes into established river crossing technique. The research has been referenced in Barnett and Macleans “Tramping: A New Zealand History”. The pdf can be found here: Wading Back Country Water

The Mountain Safety Council statement in response to this research can be found here: MSC Response to Wilkins Research