FMC for Schools and Polytechnics

FMC encourages Secondary Schools and Polytechnics that teach and assess Outdoor Recreation Unit Standards for NCEA to join as associate members.

Schools which do not teach Unit Standards in Outdoor Recreation are also welcome to join.

The reasons for joining are:

  • Young people need to be made aware of the continual need for a body which advocates on behalf of trampers and climbers on issues related to the outdoors
  • Young people should be aware of the club structure which exists in NZ for those interested in the outdoors

The advantages gained from joining are:

  • Membership of the national body which can advocate on issues affecting Outdoor Recreation
  • Eligibility for students to apply for Youth Scholarships
  • Copies of the FMC Bulletin for students involved in Outdoor Recreation Unit Standards
  • Access to member’s benefits such as discounted Safety in the Mountains and packliners
  • An FMC Members discount card for students involved with Level 2 standards or higher
  • A set of free posters for schools to use in classrooms

The cost of joining is a flat fee ($60 for schools and $115 for polytechnics – both inc GST) regardless of the number of students active in Outdoor Recreation at the school.

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Schools / Polytechnics can join by downloading the appropriate form: School form or Polytechnic form.

Youth Scholarships

In 2010 FMC supported by the FMC Mountain and Forest Trust and the Maerewhenua Trust created two types of Scholarships for young people. One is a grant towards the cost of specific skill training and the second is a grant towards expedition costs.

These scholarships are open to students schools which belong to FMC. For more details got to the Scholarship page.


Both Sides of the Fence – fun education about access issues for children and school groups.