FMC Photo Competition

The annual FMC photo competition encourages club members and supporters to get out there and capture that special shot. Clubs organise their own internal competition then forward the winning entries to FMC. FMC Individual Supporters will for the first time be able to participate in 2017. Each supporter can enter up to two photographys in each category, these will be judged against the other supporter photographs, with the winners gaining entry to the overall competition. The national competition is judged by an illustrious selection of photographers and the winning entries are published in the FMC Bulletin.

2017 Competition

The categories for the 2017 competition have been revised and are:

  • ABOVE BUSHLINE (With no Human Element)
  • ABOVE BUSHLINE  (With a Human Element)
  • BELOW BUSHLINE (With no Human Element)
  • BELOW BUSHLINE  (With a Human Element)
  • HISTORIC                                                                  

How to Enter

The FMC Individual Supporter entry form can be found here: Entry Form Supporters 2017

The FMC affiliated clubs entry form can be found here: Entry Form Clubs 2017

An information sheet for club entry can be found here: Club Information Form 2017

Files should be submitted electronically:

  1. Do NOT attach files to an email and do NOT use any social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos etc – they may compress your files without you knowing.
  2. If you have your own account in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or any other similar file transfer service then create a new folder (called say FMC Entries). Upload your entries to this folder PLUS a copy of the completed entry form. Then share the entire folder with – make sure the rights enable downloading. The software will usually generate an email but to be on the safe side copy the share link into a separate email and send that email to . We will confirm when we have downloaded all the files.
  3. If you do not have an account with any file transfer service and are not sure about how to open or use these services then send an email to . We can send you a link in Dropbox to which you can upload your files + entry form.
  4. Entries are due by the 15th of September 2017



1. What defines a “Human Element”?

“The definition of what is a “Human Element” is flexible but the general intention is: Where the photo contains as anything other than as a very minor feature: people, a hut, a track sign/marker, bridge, ice axe and anything else that has been introduced by humans into the environment then we would define that as having “a Human element”. But if a photo has what could be called a Human Element but that element is very small, inconsequential and not a feature in the photo then you could count it as “No Human Element”.

2. All photos other than historic must be taken after 1 Jan 2015

3. Rules on post processing:

  1.             Adjustments for exposure, white balance, contrast & levels are allowed.
  2.             Cropping is allowed
  3.             Stitching for panoramic shots is allowed
  4.             Removal or insertion of features not in the original image is not allowed.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 competition:




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