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FMC Travel Club

We exist to provide members with the opportunity to join a small group of like-minded travellers to enjoy a tramping based holiday overseas, while also supporting FMC. Everyone wins!

While focusing on tramping, there are normally walking and sightseeing opportunities included as we travel through an area. Parties are small, usually 8 – 12, with a group leader from New Zealand in most cases. Trip costs are modest, yet we manage to provide an income to FMC for every trip that operates. Where possible, we use backpackers’ hostels and cabins (and tents!), and land transport is mostly rental minibuses or local buses and trains.

These are participatory trips where members share the duties of group catering and driving. and otherwise working together under the direction of the leader. This proves very satisfying and must be working well, as we get some people who join us year after year.

Depending on the destination, we may price trips ex NZ or from the start city overseas. We can arrange flights to or from these points and can assist with any pre or post trip arrangements you might like to add on – a one stop shop! Travel insurance and personal expenses, maybe a few meals – these are often the only extra expenses you will incur. Otherwise our holidays are very inclusive.

If you see one that looks interesting, contact John Dobbs right away, as some fill very rapidly. Join one of our excellent trips. It’s a win-win situation! Please enquire early, even while a trip is being ‘assembled’, to make sure of your place.

P.S. John is always keen to hear from anyone suitably able and willing to lead a group and to work with him on an irresistible itinerary somewhere! If this is you, contact him now.

Ask a question about any trip by contacting John directly at john@travelsmart.co.nz

2017 Trips

CANADIAN ROCKIES (departs July) (full and closed)

An awesome five week trip tracing a figure of eight route from Calgary. Featured are 8 national parks and 5 provincial parks in Alberta and British Columbia, and plenty more besides. The Canadian Rocky Mountains span 1450 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean to the prairie grasslands and are unique on earth – a magnificent attraction to visitors from across the world….The Absolute Best of the Canadian Rockies 2017 dossier

JAPAN (departs August) (full and closed)

Embracing the northern island of Hokkaido and the ‘mainland’ island of Honshu, this holiday explores the cultural aspects of ancient and modern Japan while biking and walking the national parks and beautiful landscapes that abound in this warm, safe and welcoming country…Japan 2017 dossier

LADAKH (departs September) (full and closed)

For Kiwi trampers, Ladakh is about as exotic and vibrant as it gets. This itinerary covers all the highlights in a mix of tramping, history, culture, monasteries, local cuisine, bazaars, rare wildlife and much more. We travel from snowbound passes to ethereal lakes, and marvel at living monasteries and religious sites untouched by the ravages of the Cultural Revolution over the border in nearby Tibet. The wilderness and cultural values here are high. We encounter ibex, bharal, lamergeier and maybe snow leopard, bear and wolf. We live with villagers in their own homes, infused by a lifestyle that is nearly a thousand years old. This is a charming slice of real Central Asia which is accessible and exceptionally rewarding…Ladakh 2017 dossier – finalised version 21 June 2016

VIETNAM (departs October) (enquire now)

A tramping and biking adventure from north to south through this fascinating country taking in peaks, beaches and plenty of history. Check out the full dossier Vietnam 2017 dossier # 2 version Sep 2016


2018 Trips

MORROCCO (departs April) (enquire now)

Discover the very best of magical Morocco on this active adventure covering the fabled cities, mountain areas including the highest peak in North Africa, Sahara Desert and Berber culture: Morocco 2018 dossier

IRELAND (departs June) (enquire now)

The absolute best of the Emerald Isle – One glorious month in Ireland, visiting all major national parks and significant climbs or trails, numerous instances of spectacular coastal scenery, plus visits to Dublin, Belfast, Londonderry, Donegal, Galway, Limerick, Cork and Kilkenny, with intervening rest days: Ireland 2018 dossier

PERU – El Grade (departs June) (enquire now)

Our most extensive trip to Peru yet! This will appeal to first timers to South America and past travellers alike…options from 25 to 41 days: Peru 2018 dossier – El Norte. El Sur, El Completo

ENGLAND (departs June) (enquire now)

England’s finest walks: South West Coast Path and Coast to Coast. Choose from two separate trip modules or combine and do the lot! Two superb significant walking routes providing arguably some of the best walking in England: England 2018 dossier

DOLOMITES, SWISS ALPS and MT BLANC CIRCUIT (departs July) (enquire now)

The Dolomites and Mt Blanc Circuit are different yet complementary. The central Swiss Alps area is a classic. Together they give a wonderful experience of the finest European tramping while absorbing the culture of each area.  Options exists for choosing to complete only sections of this journey: Dolomites, Swiss Alps, Mont Blanc Circuit 2018 dossier

ICELAND (departs July)  (enquire now)

Iceland has been described as “other worldly” and “the land of fire and ice”. This North Atlantic island of colliding tectonic plates is a fusion of mountains, fiords, volcanoes, Europe’s largest glacial icecap, rivers, huge waterfalls, barren lava deserts and geothermal activity…Iceland 2018 dossier

LADAKH (departs September) (enquire now)

For Kiwi trampers, Ladakh is about as exotic and vibrant as it gets. Our itinerary covers all of the recommended highlights in a mixture or history, tramping, culture, gompas , local cuisine, bazaars, rare wildlife and much more.
We travel from snowbound passes to ethereal lakes, and marvel at living monasteries and religious sites untouched by the ravages of the Cultural Revolution over the border in nearby Tibet: Ladakh 2018 dossier

POLAND-SLOVAKIA (departs October) (enquire now)

The High Tatras, Medieval towns, Nazi camps – off season, no tourists and stunning autumn scenery….. a magnificent region of Europe with trip leaders : Joe and Vicky Nawalaniec: Poland – Slovakia 2018 dossier

Future Trips

John is always interested in ideas for trips. If you, a group of friends or your club have an idea for an overseas trip contact John now at john@tsnapier.co.nz

Sub Antarctic Islands & Antarctica

Readers will have heard of Rodney Russ and Heritage Expeditions, based in Christchurch. They have been providing brilliant natural history expedition cruises to our Sub-Antarctic Islands and Antarctica for 12 years, and won many awards along the way. A recent association with Wild Earth Travel has expanded the range of superb specialist nature watch cruises around the world to unusual and remote places. They are recognized worldwide and offer truly unique, amazing adventures.

The Travel Club has a link to these companies, which we are very excited to promote. If their trips appeal and you book either through FMC Travel Club or by mentioning your link to FMC if going direct, then FMC will receive a payment in recognition. A wonderful new way to extend real value to FMC! To learn more about the amazing adventures available, contact John Dobbs, or visit the respective websites. Thank you for considering these incredible adventure cruises and supporting FMC in the process.