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FMC and the New Zealand Alpine Club (the largest member club of FMC) state that they remain deeply disappointed in the Department of Conservation’s performance and […]

Expedition Scholarships Announced

It will be a summer of adventure. Following a recent meeting of the FMC Mountain and Forest Trust seven parties were awarded Expedition Scholarships to assist with an amazing […]

FMC supports Kayakers on Waitaha

FMC has resolved to oppose Westpower’s proposed hydro-electric development on the West Coast’s Waitaha river. While recognising that the proposal has been developed with the best of intent, FMC […]

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A message just received from Christine Wellington of Buller Tramping Club fresh back from a stint at Goat Creek is looking a million dollars!

"On the weekend 4 Buller Tramping Club members we helicoptered into Goat Creek Hut to give it a massive spring clean, paint the outside with paint provided by DOC Westport and Stock up the firewood pile. This was all made possible when the Club put in an application to the Outdoor Recreation Consortiums Huts n Tracks fund for money to provide the helicopter flights in and out with the gear. Thank You so much without your help we could not have done this.

A fantastic hard working team including Muriel Donald, Nick Wilson, Mike Wellington and Christine Wellington spent 2 days long days working and of course having a great time, to help preserve this historic beauty. Lots of heavy wood cut, carried and stored ready for the cooler months. Hut fully painted top to bottom and a real spring clean inside matresses washed down cupboards cleaned rubbish removed. Just such a wonderful spot to spend the weekend. Lots and lots of cyclists visiting to have lunch on their way through the OGR

Those of you that have been into Goat Creek will agree she is looking a million dollars now, lets hope with its spruce up that trampers, cyclists and day tripers all respect the work done and pack in and pack out : leave no rubbish behind."
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The FMC Executive has confirmed a principled position on how DOC should be funded, points 1-8 below.

Frozen operational funding has led to much scrambling for saving and revenue streams across the public sector, we have even witnessed givealittle campaigns from prestigious scientific institutions. In DOC's case ideas canvassed have included increasing land swaps, reducing the regulation of concessionaires, access charging, differential charging, congestion charging and funding conservation through a border tax...however, when it comes down to it, you can't get away from the fact that the total funding of conservation is a political decision.

1. FMC supports increased funding for the Department of Conservation, particularly at the local “hands-on” level and for landscape scale pest control.

2. FMC thinks that as a core public service the Department of Conservation should be funded through ‘Vote Conservation’.

3. FMC notes that some of the extra funding required could be available from the extra GST revenue derived from increasing tourism spending, both domestic and international.

4. FMC is agreeable to a border tax, on the basis that it is an efficient mechanism for collecting revenue, but does not believe border taxes would lead to increased funding for conservation in the medium to long term. They may be better to support local council tourism infrastructure.

5. FMC is against any charges for access to public conservation land, including charges to use tracks, or bridges.

6. FMC is against any differential charging for non-locals or non-residents on the basis that may be inefficient and intrusive to a welcoming culture.

7. FMC is against any Conservation law reform designed to alienate public conservation land to increase revenue or to allow damage caused by concession activity to be allowed and off-set, rather than prevented.

8. FMC is prepared to consider vehicular traffic management strategies, including carparking and congestion charges, on a case by case basis, though considers there are other means to manage supply and demand through infrastructure, marketing, transport and the network of recreational opportunities.
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Anthony Behrens, his partner Whiona, and Jamie Stewart visited the welcoming folk of New Plymouth Tramping Club this weekend. Plenty of country was checked out and ideas given and hatched. Pouakai hut has got to be best "after work" hut in the country, what a spot!
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