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FMC and the New Zealand Alpine Club (the largest member club of FMC) state that they remain deeply disappointed in the Department of Conservation’s performance and […]

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It will be a summer of adventure. Following a recent meeting of the FMC Mountain and Forest Trust seven parties were awarded Expedition Scholarships to assist with an amazing […]

FMC supports Kayakers on Waitaha

FMC has resolved to oppose Westpower’s proposed hydro-electric development on the West Coast’s Waitaha river. While recognising that the proposal has been developed with the best of intent, FMC […]

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Wildboy Adventures - Brando Yelavich nails why we do what we do in the outdoors and how we feel about it. Get out there! ... See MoreSee Less

Today I returned from the wilderness back into civilisation. My expedition took me to some of the most wild and untouched landscapes I have ever been. My Kathmandu gear stood up to the Wildboy test. There was tough days, wet days, and moments were I thought I was going to give up. It was physically demanding and emotionally challenging! It was also full of the most inspiring views and a lot of bloody fantastic moments. It was one of those things you do in life that make you a better person. It was full of real raw life most of the time it was just me alone in one of the most beautiful places on earth and that was amazing! It was a chance to reflect, an opportunity to learn. I have discovered many things, I learnt that the connection that you gain from being in nature will fix most problems in life. The raw energy that is everywhere fills your soul with a feeling of accomplishment a feeling of success a deep sense of happiness. I realised huge flaw within our remote controlled society! The disconnection from the natural world is creating a huge list of problems. Some of them are Depression, stress, anxiety, boredom... so many of the problems in your life will begin to fade away by spending time in the outdoors! It gives your body, your mind your soul, a chance to recharge and reflect. It doesn't have to be big! Its as simple as getting into nature. Going to the beach, turning your phone off and watching the sunset. Walking in the bush with your phone at home. The point being your doing this for you! This's isn't something you should try and find time for, this has to be something you incorporate into your daily life. honestly in the big picture it's as important for your mind as drinking water and eating food is for your body don't forget they are both completely different things! It's time for change because before long it will be to late. The world needs our help to protect and preserve the things that have created life since the beginning of time. Get out there this summer and enjoy the real world! Respect it! love it! Leave it better than you found it. I'm so excited to share this Southland gem Stewart Island with you. Now that I'm back, get ready because me and my GoPro are going to totally blow your mind.

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photo: Terry Crippen - Palmerston North Tramping and Mountaineering Club - "Early Evening and Aspiring"
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