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You can support FMC right now…

Anyone who wants to directly support the work of FMC can do so by becoming an Individual Supporter. Benefits include personal subscription to Backcountry – the FMC quarterly magazine, and our FMC discount card, with associated discounts.

Individual Supporter Categories:

  • NZ Adult:  $45  for a single person
  • NZ Family:  $55 for a family – this entitles you to 2 Discount Cards (More may be supplied on request)
  • NZ Youth:  $20  for people aged under 19 or still at secondary school
  • NZ Top Up Club: $30. For people who already belong to an FMC Member Club    (See notes below)
  • NZ Youth Leader: $30 ** For people who are actively involved in training young people in outdoor skills through a school or Youth Organisation   (See notes below)
  • Australia:  $NZ55 for an adult
  • Rest of World $NZ60 for an adult

The easiest way to join is to follow the link below and join online (With on Line banking or Credit card payment) or you can download an application: Individual Supporter Flyer 

Click here to join as a Supporter!

*Club Members can Top-Up your support for FMC here too…

The FMC Top-Up category is for affiliated club members who individually wish to Top-Up their level of support  for FMC to  the same level as FMC Individual Supporters. Key reasons to “Top-Up”  include knowing FMC is speaking loudly and clearly for the outdoor community, helping keep affliation fees for all as low as possible and receiving the quarterly Backcountry directly to your door.

FMC Top-Up Conditions:

  • To contribute the FMC Top-Up you must be a member of an FMC Affiliated Club.  You will be asked to name the club you belong to on the Join screen
  • The cost of the FMC Top-Up  is $30
  • Top-Ups run for 12 months from the month contributed.

The easiest way to join is to follow the link below and join online (With on Line banking or Credit card payment) or you can download an application to post in to us. If you have any more questions, take a look at our Top-Up FAQ’s.

Click here to Top-Up your membership

**Youth Leader Supporter

FMC recognises the work done by teachers in our schools and leaders in Youth Organisations and has a special supporter category for these people at a discounted rate.  As well as all the benefits of being an FMC Supporter and knowing you are supporting the work of FMC you will be able to:

  • Endorse applications by young people in your organisation for the Scholarships FMC offers  (Refer to Expedition Scholarships  and  Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Journey Awards
  • Endorse entries by young people in your organisation to FMC Competitions
  • Enable young people in your organisation to access copies of FMC Backcountry and other supporter benefits
  • The cost of the FMC Youth Leader Supporter is $30 pa
  • Youth Leader sub runs from 1 Feb to 31 Jan
  • When you complete the Join page you will be asked to name the School or Youth Organisation you work with.

The easiest way to join is to follow the link below and join online (With on Line banking or Credit card payment).  If you want your school to pay your fee then complete the online form from the link below – and in the Payment Method choose “Independent Payment” , then email  admin@fmc.org.nz and ask us to send your school an invoice for your supporter fee.

Click here to join as a Youth Leader Supporter!

And do join one of our affiliated clubs…

The best way to develop your skills and knowledge in the outdoor is to join a club. Get new ideas for places to tramp, meet new people with similar interests, get good advice and instruction in tramping matters and receieve ‘Backcountry’ and FMC membership benefits.

Find a Club!

Affiliate your Club or Group…

FMC welcomes affiliation applications from all clubs or groups that participate in active, non-motorised outdoor recreation pursuits in the backcountry. Applicant clubs or groups do not need to  be incorporated. Clubs may be partially or fully affiliated. In the former only some club members will be financially affiliated to FMC and receive the benefits of FMC membership, in the latter all club members will receive the full benefits of FMC membership.
Affiliated Clubs Membership Conditions

  • Partial Declaration: minimum of 5 members, $17 each
  • Full Declaration: minimum of 20 members, $15 each
  • Membership runs from March – February

To apply for membership for your club please download and complete either a Partial or Full club application form.