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FMC monthly newsletters

FMC’s monthly newsletters are stored on this page;   If you have any ideas which you would like to share with other clubs then please let FMC know.

FMC online database

FMC now has an online database and club officers with the appropriate login and appropriate access rights will be able to edit their clubs data directly. Listed below are some guide notes to help Club Officers.
If any club officer has any queries please contact our Administrator, Rebecca Gray at

Club Officer Log In

Club Officer Guide to FMC Database
LogIn Security FAQ

FMC rules

We are governed by our rules.

Club circulars

Copies of material recently mailed to, or referred to, member clubs is available for download here:

Older material can be viewed below:

Safety in the Mountains booklet

At the FMC Online store you can purchase hard-copies of FMC’s Flagship booklet: first published in 1937 and still going strong more than 80 years later!

Or you can visit to read an online version of “Safety in the Mountains

Club ‘how to’ resources

Available on the Outdoor Community section of our blog. 

FMC has been researching, compiling and publishing a growing list of resources for clubs, which give helpful ‘how-to’ advice for many aspects of running a club. From how to run photo competitions, gear hire services, attracting and retaining new members or trip leaders to club publications and archiving. This information is gathered as part of FMC’s wider Outdoor Community Campaign, and we welcome feedback or input to improving the resource.

Liability issues

FMC is asked from time to time to comment on the liability of member clubs in the event of a fire or accident occurring on a club trip. Five documents which give general guidelines have been prepared to help explain the situation to clubs.

Should our club register as a charity?