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FMC Executive

The FMC Executive for 2018/2019 is listed below. This Executive took office on the 10th of May 2018.  Peter Wilson and Jan Finlayson are serving their third years as  President and Vice-President respectively.  There are 13 Executive members with new members Crystal Brindle, Tania Seward, Jamie Stewart and Liz Stephenson. Click on the slides below to meet your FMC Executive.

The FMC Executive for 2018/2019 is:


Arnold Heine ONZM, QSM

President and Vice-President

Peter North

FMC Executive

David Barnes021 143
John Beech021 808 North
Crystal Brindle027 320 Anau
Owen Cox04 905
Phil Glasson021 142
Pat Holland03 539
Stuart Hutson027 686
Norm Judd027 363
Robin McNeill021 516
Tania Seward0204 000
Neil Silverwood021
Jamie Stewart027 767
Liz Stephenson027 633

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