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NZ Mountain Film Festival – a fundraising opportunity for clubs

The NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival (NZMFF) runs in Central Otago each winter, showcasing a number of inspiring local and international mountain films covering a wide array of genres and themes.

Following the main festival, local hosts organise screenings of the NZMFF National Tour around the country.  Local hosts pay a licence fee to the NZMFF for the films, then organise the screening directly with a suitable venue. Ticket sales contribute to fundraising for the host organisation. If there hasn’t been a local screening in your town, why not consider organising one as a fundraiser and promotional night for your club?

Megan Sety of the Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club wrote an article explaining how (and why) to host a screening. You can read “Bringing the Mountain Film Festival to you” on our Wilderlife.nz blog.

FMC School Tour – free films for your school

FMC is pleased to continue its support to the NZ Mountain Film festival allowing them to offer a film selection to schools for free. Our aim is to help inspire the next generation of adventurers and mountain enthusiasts.

Here’s how it works;

  1. Any school can apply; you don’t have to be associated with FMC.
  2. The team from the NZ Mountain Film Festival will be able to send out the DVD after 15 July.
  3. You’ll need to allow up to 2 weeks between when you apply and when you need the DVD to be arrive.
  4. The applying teacher must download and sign this confidentiality agreement and send it to us prior to the DVD being sent.
  5. The school is responsible for arranging the screening, and providing any projection equipment.
  6. The films must be shown at the school, during school hours.
  7. DVD’s must be returned after use for other schools to enjoy.
  8. Returning the DVD is the responsibility of the school.

To apply for a free DVD for your school, please contact the team at the Mountain Film festival, with the following info;

In return, FMC would really appreciate a photo of some of the students watching the films, and/or a paragraph from a student about what they thought; something for us to use to encourage other schools and students to get out there and get involved!