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FMC Photo Competition

The annual FMC photo competition encourages club members and individual supporters to get out there and capture that special shot. The way it works is that clubs organise their own internal competition then forward the winning two photos per catagory to FMC for the overall competition.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 competition:

2018 Competition

The way it works is that clubs organise their own internal competition then forward the winning two photos per catagory to FMC for the overall competition.

Individual supporters can also enter, and for the purposes of judging, all the supporters will be regarded as belonging to one ‘club’.  Each supporter can enter up to two photographs in each category, these will be judged against the other supporter photographs, with the winners gaining entry to the overall competition. The overall competition is judged by an illustrious selection of photographers and the winning entries are published in the FMC’s Backcountry magazine.

The FMC competition is later in the year, with the intention to give more time for clubs to hold their own club photo competitions.

We would like to see a greater range of photos with people in them doing things that our members do in the outdoors. Our categories for 2018 will therefore be the same as 2017.

  • ABOVE BUSHLINE (With no Human Element)
  • ABOVE BUSHLINE  (With a Human Element)
  • BELOW BUSHLINE (With no Human Element)
  • BELOW BUSHLINE  (With a Human Element)
  • HISTORIC                                                                  


How to Enter
Files should be submitted electronically using a cloud storage service (we prefer Google Drive, but others such as DropBox, One Drive etc are fine too).

Entries close on 1st September 2018 for Individual supporters, and 15 September 2018 for Clubs.

  1. Download the entry form for FMC Individual Supporters or FMC Affiliated clubs.
  2. Ensure photos are between 1Mb and 5Mb before entering.
  3. All photos should be re-named using the naming convention described on the entry form.
  4. Create a new folder on your cloud storage service, upload all the photos plus the completed entry form.
  5. Generate a sharing link for that folder, then send it to photocomp@fmc.org.nz
  6. Once we confirm that we’ve received your complete entry, your photos are in to win!

What if my club doesn’t have a photo competition, but I still want to enter?

Why not volunteer to run a photo comp for your club?  Its a fun, social event that most clubs seem to really enjoy.  Have a look at the article on “How to run a photocomp” on our Wilderlife.nz blog site. If you’d rather not put your hand up, all you need to do is get approval from your club committee to submit your photos. However, each club can only submit one set of entries; so before you send yours to FMC, its probably a good idea to ask your club mates if anyone else wants to enter.

Notes on entering

  1. Please do NOT attach files to an email and do NOT use any social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos etc – they may compress your files without you knowing.
  2. 1Mb is about the minimum quality for print publication, should your entry win.  Much beyond 3Mb is a little pointless, as there’s more pixels than the judges screen can display!
  3. If you do not have an account with any file transfer service and are not sure about how to open or use these services then send an email to photocomp@fmc.org.nz . We can help you through the entry process, but only if you get in touch with us a reasonable time before the deadline!

1. Definition of a “human element”

The definition of a “human element” is flexible but the general intention is: Where the photo contains as anything other than as a very minor feature: people, a hut, a track sign/marker, bridge, ice axe and anything else that has been introduced by humans into the environment then we would define that as having “a Human element”. But if a photo has what could be called a Human Element but that element is very small, inconsequential and not a feature in the photo then you could count it as “No Human Element”.

2. Entries for the contemporary categories must be taken after 1 Jan 2016. Any photos taken prior to this date will automatically be entered into the historic category.

3. Definition of “historic”

The intention for the historic category is for entrants to go back through club and individual archives to select “old photos” rather than “photos of old things”.  As an example, a recent photo of a hut built in the 1950’s is not a ‘historic’ photo. However, a photo of the same hut taken in the 1960’s certainly is a ‘historic’ photo.  Photos for the historic category must be taken before 1 Jan 2016.  The prize for any winning photo from a club archive by a deceased member will go to the club. The prize for any winning photo from an individual archive by a deceased person will go to the person who entered the photo, whether through a club or as an individual supporter.

4. All photos must be taken within New Zealand, which is defined as within our Exclusive Economic Zone. This includes the following islands;   North, South, Stewart, Chatham, Kermadec, Sub-Antarctic.

5. Rules on post processing:

  •             Adjustments for exposure, white balance, contrast & levels are allowed.
  •             Cropping is allowed
  •             Stitching for panoramic shots is allowed
  •             Removal or insertion of features not in the original image is not allowed.

6. Only one entry per club is allowed, containing a maximum of two photos per category. The club entry must be authorised by a club committee member or delegate.

7. The judges reserve the right to amend the category of a photo which in their opinion, is entered in the incorrect category.


A huge thank you to our sponsors for 2017:

Please support our sponsors, without their support we couldn’t offer such a great pool of prizes.  If you would like to be a sponsor in 2018, please contact us